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HK Women Are Unmarried

61.3% adult HK men, 56% adult HK women are married. This means 38.7% men and 44% women are single, divorced or widowed – the second highest % in the world.


Women divorcees remarried

Number of divorce in 2014 was 20,019; in 2015 was 20,075, total = 40,094. Number of remarriages in 2016 was ONLY 12,217, i.e. 30% for women, 33.2% for men. VERY low.


Almost half of HK men don’t marry HK women

Of 50,000 marriages in 2016, 34.7% married mainlanders, 10.7% married others. Meaning a total of 45.5% HK men prefer NOT to marry HK women !!

Ever Worsening Gender Imbalance

2006 – 1000 women : 912 men
2016 – 1000 women : 852 men
2036 – 1000 women : 763 men

Advice to HK spouse seeking women:
Learn to accept a larger age difference.

Mei Ling, the founder of Hong Kong Matchmakers holds an MBA and a Master Degree in English Literature. This award winning columnist and prolific writer had published several best sellers, and is also a popular public speaker who has appeared in over 100 TV & radio shows in Hk, China, Europe, USA & Australia.

It is indisputable that she has successfully reinvented the industry.

Hong Kong MatchmakerS

HK Matchmakers is an elite one to one introduction service, catering to tertiary educated professionals, senior executives and entrepreneurs in the higher income group who are legally single and serious about seeking life partners.

We offer utmost discretion and absolute privacy. Mandatory background check is an admission prerequisite.

The Rotary is an international service organization with 1.2 million members worldwide and 2,500 within our District. Our members are mostly professionals, business leaders and civic leaders. We unite in friendship and services, in giving back to society, and together, build a better tomorrow.

We welcome Singles to join our very worthy cause.

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