Books and Notes

Author of 5 bestsellers, Mei Ling, for 4 years, also wrote a column for HK Economic Times ETnet, & was voted one of HK’s Top Ten columnists by readers. Gem Publishing’s book Born To Be Boss, (by J. Middlemiss & B. Zee Geissler) features 6 outstanding entrepreneurs in HK, Mei Ling was one of the six.

How to find a husband

This is the concentrate of years of experience, distilled by the success and failures of many clients. A practical "how to guide" – light reading, well written with a great sense of humour which most readers find thoroughly enjoyable and extremely useful at the same time. Also available for on-line sales to non-clients.

嫁個 Mr. Right

嫁個 Mr. Right - the Chinese Edition of "How To Find A Husband", HK$ 118.- translated and distributed by 大眾書局全線

The Man Manual 「男人經」

This is the ultimate reference book teaching you all the things you should know about your man, what is he thinking? why does he react the way his does? is he the right one for you? what can you do to improve your relationship with him ?man-manual-english The book is a lexicon for men, it contains a rich supply of information ranging from his favourite sport (football, golf...) to his clothing sizes (shirt , pants … USA, Italian,…), from his medical conditions (prostate, knee, receding hair line…) to the truth and fiction about "goodies" for men (reindeer horn, mormordica…etc.)…It even consists of a short but in depth market survey of 100 single men in the right demographics, asking some rather penetrating questions with fascinating answers… An interesting read for all men and a must read for all women.

“ Mei Ling Ng Liu’s The Man Manual is a handy guide for women looking for a window into what makes a Hong Kong guy tick..”
Renato Reyes, Supervising Producer, TVB The Pearl Report

“ Mei Ling has a wonderful writing style. Part wisdom, part fact, part philosophy…Love it !”
Dr. Stephen Chan, Medical Director, Life Clinicman-manual-chinese

“This book gives a fascinating insight into the findings of a Hong Kong study of what men value most highly in Hong Kong women as life partners”..
Dr Caroline Hong, CEO, SME Australia

“A fascinating read, for men as much as for women. Mei Ling, yet again, shows her ability to cut to the pith. She pulls no punches.”
Dr. Bruce Andersen, Mededs

“Sport plays a central role in many men’s lives. It certainly does in mine… For those women needing a crash course in the essential details, the chapter on sports is a must read”.
James Barrington, Director, Cathay Pacific

“ A marvellous work with lots of sharp observations…The writing style is direct, no nonsense but with a sense of humour. Many women will benefit from the observations and advice in this book”
S. See, Managing Director of a leading Hong Kong financial daily

Navigating Relationships I and II

Navigating Relationships was published as a bilingual collection of all the articles Mei Ling has published in her ETNET column during the first two years of her tenure as a columnist. A fascinating read no doubt you will all enjoy. This book is for sale , and are given to clients, as well as participants in specific talks & seminars.

By popular request, Book II was published again as a bilingual collection of all the articles Mei Ling has published in her ETNET column during the last two years of her tenure as a columnist. All sales proceeds of this book will be donated to the Rotary Club of Wanchai.

Born To Be The Boss

Jem Publishing is part of the Jem Group. They are publishing a series of books under the name Born To Be Boss, primarily inspirational stories of extraordinary entrepreneurs who have not only built a business of their own, but more importantly, turned it into a sustainable success and a profitable reality.
Representing a variety of industries, Born To Be Boss reveals how these remarkable individuals have built enviable enterprises, sharing their wisdom, insight, their lessons and tips for addressing problems and disappointments, both big and small.
The book also gives readers a glimpse into the lives of these entrepreneurial achievers and serves as a beacon and a source of encouragement to others who are either struggling to maintain their own enterprise, or wanting to start a business in Hong Kong.
The six outstanding entrepreneurs selected to be featured in the Hong Kong Edition are: Jennifer Liu, Joanna Ho, Mei Ling Ng, Paul Luciw, Nicole Wakley, and Philip Morais.